Here is a 1 min recording https://voca.ro/1g9Hkt3mvPA3  (on line) of the relay of Radio London 1206 of Studio am 900 a local low power station 100 watts in Terneuzen , The Nethelands. This recording was made om a Pannasonic RF B40 at 14:25 UTC on monday , july 31 th , 2023.
The portable receiver was point is a South to South – West direction. Than I hear the jamming signal ? If I listen on my Icom IC R8500 with a 45 mb dipool point ZW – NE  than I do not hear the jamming signal. First I did think it will come out from the portable receiver only on 900 khz ? but I do think this not the case so is there anybody ho dos know if a Jammer is actif on 900 khz or not ? 
It sound very much as a jammer to me but where those it com from and witch station do the like to jam ?

Herman Content (2023-07-31)