(Translated from Spanish)

As reported by Victoria Sepciu from RRI…
“Dear friends, due to budget cuts, the Board of Directors of Radio Romania has decided to temporarily stop using two of the five Radiocom shortwave transmitters that broadcast Radio Romania International programs from August 1, 2023 .
As of August 1st, our programs can be received through each of the transmitters located in Țigănești, Săftica (both near Bucharest) and Galbeni (east). If Radio Romania’s budget is increased, we will broadcast again on 5 transmitters.
RRI programs in Romanian, English, French, German, Spanish , Russian, Arabic, Chinese and Hebrew will be affected . All of them can be received from August 1, 2023 in one frequency instead of two. We will announce in the broadcasts, on the website and on Facebook the frequencies in which the programs can be received, as well as the specific frequency changes operated by Radiocom, based on the monitoring of the reception and on the messages we receive from you about the quality of the broadcast.

Due to budget cuts, it has also been decided to halve the power at night on the medium wave transmitters that broadcast the internal programs of Radio Romania Actualități and some regional stations.
We invite you to follow Radio Romania International programs on (including on demand), on SoundCloud, on Android and iOS apps, via TuneIn and via satellite.
You will find more details on the website. You can also follow our content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and Spotify.”

Jorge Garzon to iberiaDX iog (2023-07-31)