243kHz strange signals

DR on 243kHz is asking for help in identifying any signals broadcast on 243 kHz but NOT transmitted by DR !!

About 23. August at about 1500UTC, I saw  “strange signals” on 243 kHz in my HDSDR waterfall display. I reported this to DR and received a reply from Mr. Jens C. Seeberg asking for more information, as DR did NOT transmit these signals.

There was no carrier visible on 243.00, but there were strong signals in the lower and upper sidebands, and these signals were completely different. LBS  on 242.71 kHz had a Morse-code CW-signal USB on 243.26 kHz had a digital signal with fairly periodic signal-bursts

TDoA measurements would be VERY helpful, in trying to find out from where these signals are originating.

ScreenShot(s) showing as much detail as possible would be quite helpful.
If any audio is present, a mp3-recording would also help.

DR plans to stop all broadcasting on 243 kHz by the end of 2023. Reception Reports are also welcome for their normal DR broadcasts.

Mr. Seeberg replies to reports in his spare time, so it may take a while for a report to be verified. Please send all reports to:   Mr. Jens Chr. Seeberg at this email:    jseeberg(at)

Robert Kipp (2023-08-30)