Unid Pirate

Re. https://mediumwave.info/2023/09/11/pirate-unid/
The station on 1620Khz, is not on the air tonight, but I have heard Dutch Pirates on the Freq, one in particular where the Dj has a deep voice and has a laboured voice, does not sound Professional.
Looking through the WRTV Handbook, the only other stations using this Freq are in Cuba, although Dutch Pirates, Greek Pirates ,and Serbian Pirates use Freqs between 1600Khz to 1650Khz.
Good reception from Brittany tonight on 1593Khz. Radio North star in Bergen comes in well sometimes on 1611Khz. The top end of the MW band is like SW at night, so is possible for radio signals to travel over these distances under good conditions.

Rgds Mike Simmonds (2023-09-11)