Translated from Czech
Country Radio will start broadcasting from the Liblice transmitter on October 1st.

From the tallest building in the Czech Republic, the transmitter in Liblice near České Brod, radio broadcasts will be broadcast again. From October 1, České Radiokomunikace (CRA) will start broadcasting Country Radio here on medium wave 639 kHz

The transmission antenna will be the current pair of antenna masts with a height of 355 m.

“Operational tests are already underway at the transmitter in Liblice, including occasional transmissions to the antennas. Regular broadcasting will start on October 1st, and the masts will be permanently under high voltage,” said the press release of České Radiokomunikace.

The original broadcast of Czech Radio from the Liblice transmitter on medium waves ended at the end of 2021. The distinctive landmark of the Central Bohemian Region will therefore see a new use after about a year and a half.

Ydun Ritz (2023-09-23)