Dominican Republic

The Ministry of the Dominican Republic now lists new prefixes for some of the stations in an updated list.
Unfortunately, the name of the stations ”on the air” are not always given, but the name of the licensee. Here are the prefixes for the stations in Dominican Republic that were reported to MV-Eko season 56 onwards:
540 HICM ABC Radio, Santo Domingo
660 HIAM R Visión Cristiania. Santiago
670 HILB R Dial, San Pedro de Macorís
790 HIL La Voz del Trópico, Santo Domingo
830 HIJB Emisora HIJB, Santo Domingo
1200 HIDD648 R VEN, Santo Domingo
1240 HIBQ81 R María, Santo Domingo
1330 HIDD296 R Visión Cristiana, Santo Domingo
1430 HIBQ79 R Emanuel, Santiago
1440 HIAK R Impactante, Santo Domingo
1560 HIDE364 R Única, Santiago
1580 HIBQ38 R Amanecer, Santo Domingo
1590 HIDA R Libertad, Santiago
1640 HIBQ73 R Juventud, Santo Domingo
1670 HIBQ83 LV del Yuna, Bonao
1680 HIBQ67 R Senda, San Pedro de Macorís
INDOTEL via Mauno Ritola, ARCs mv-eko (2023-10-02)