1220 ON St Catharines CFAJ Noted with Open Carrier October 2nd at 1700 but no updated listener status reports since then. Their on-line streaming was running properly at the time of the on-air outage.

1440 AB Wetaskiwin CKJR The Oldies are gone and have been replaced by Fox Sports Radio outside of weekdays 0900-2300, when live local Sports programming runs 0900-2000 and South Asian music and talk 2000-2300. See for a detailed schedule.

1650 QC Montreal CKZW Broadcasting in HD IBOC (hybrid analog/digital) since about October 1st,
seemingly with a bit of transmitter tuning since then as a listener 10 miles away could not get an HD lock during the first few days. Format is French and English language Jewish and Christian programming.

Canadian Radio News (CRN) posts on by Dan Sys provide much of the information for this column, with additional tips from Peter Laws.

IRCA DX Monitor Oct 14, published Oct 9 via WOR iog (2023-10-11)