Radio North 846 seemed to remain on the air, but I still heard the Dutch station [Album AM / Ed] on 844kHz, causing a nasty 2kHz het on Radio North!!!
IDed at one point during the non stop music. Noted in Scotland around 2100 I think it was. (Logbook in shack and email being sent from another machine. )
A little unusual for a dx test to be off channel …LOL…

Ken Baird in Scotland (2023-10-14)

After looking at my perseus recording from thursday night……..

At for example 1947 I see and hear Albums on 843kHz, playing Pink Floyd, Another Brick In The Wall…. But at 2006 there is a freq change to 844kHz, and is still on 844kHz at 2225 for example. Pity they never used a clear MW channel, as there are a few channels nowadays a lot clearer…

Ken Baird in Scotland (2023-10-15)