October 16, Radio Center No. 5 (Kaliningradskaya oblast) – will turn on a medium-wave transmitter to conduct a daily test.
16 October – 17 October 16.00 UTC
549 kHz / 600 kW.

Full operation of the RV-372 transmitter was stopped on November 30, 2014, that is, 9 years ago! Then, he worked at a frequency of 1215 kHz. A year ago, the team of the transmission facility returned to their home workshop to revive the lamp giants. For the test, the frequency of 549 kHz (also Kaliningrad) was chosen, which is due to the peculiarity of the antenna used.
Yes. This transmitter can produce many times more power. But at this stage, the task of “accelerating” kilowatts to the fullest is not worth it.
The purpose of the test activities: checking the transmitter in continuous operation. Study of coverage areas.
This time, the test will begin in the evening. This was done on purpose so that the most impatient people could try to receive the broadcast without waiting for it to get dark.
We urge you to try the test on ordinary household receivers (including those from China). If this does not work, be sure to indicate that the reception was carried out using more advanced amateur equipment with an external antenna. Standard car radios are also welcome. That is, everything that is close to normal conditions. But this does not mean that reports from radio amateurs with serious equipment are not interesting. Everything is taken into account – especially distant points.

I look forward to your feedback in VK, Telegram, and email.
I kindly ask you not to delay with messages about your appointment – on October 19 I’m flying to Kaliningrad with a report. I will convey your information and greetings (if any) personally.
What is needed in the acceptance message:
1. The place where the reception took place. (To the extent of an apartment, this is not necessary. A locality or region is enough)
2. Receiver
3. Your rating
4. Video/audio – optional and possible.
5. If you want to add something from yourself.
Your messages are a tribute to the people who have restored the now unique equipment and are not going to stop there.
Cards are not required for the test. It may be possible to send several letters for the most detailed reports.
I’ll be in touch in TG, here in VK. For those who prefer, write to [andrey_hamradio[at]].
I will try to answer promptly.
Inform everyone interested!
I wish you success!

From “RUS-DX” # 1259, Sunday / 15 October 2023 via Anatoly Klepov (2023-10-14)