Re. Bolshakovo 549 kHz

16 October. Daily test from Kaliningrad.
The antenna for this test has a circular radiation pattern. The most reliable reception is possible in the territories of Eastern Europe, the Baltic States, the Republic of Belarus, Northern Europe, and the European Part of Russia. We will hear where it will actually be during the test.
A test at this frequency has already been carried out. But another transmitter was working – a German one. At 100 kW. For this test, one of the Soviet tube transmitters of the Radio Center is used (created on the basis of the Typhoon), with a reduced output power. As I already wrote, previously the transmitter operated at a frequency of 1215 kHz. The tuning to 549 kHz was made due to the characteristics of the antenna used. Long-medium wave radio broadcast transmitter “Typhoon” –

From a letter from the production and technical group of the RTRS branch “Kaliningrad ORTPTS”, published in the “Radio Reception” group – Telegram.
“George, good morning!
In response to your request in the “Viewer’s Account” I inform you the following.
The decision to activate the high-power broadcast complex in the village of Bolshakovo has not been made at the moment.
Currently, test switching on of transmission equipment is carried out occasionally at the facility.
There is no talk of full-fledged broadcasting of radio stations from this facility yet. Therefore, we cannot give recommendations on how to configure viewers’ equipment to receive medium-wave radio.
Information on the selection and configuration of equipment for receiving digital terrestrial television and radio broadcasting is posted on our official website: “

Kaliningrad Radio Center #5.
In the past, he was the leader of domestic broadcasting abroad. Unique transmitters, antennas. But first of all – people. After the closure of Voice of Russia, the center became an object of oblivion. There were prospects, like most similar enterprises. But this did not happen, despite all the prerequisites. A year ago, it was decided to breathe life into the center. Try to revive the giants that once broadcast 2500 kW.
We reassembled a team of those who had faithfully served at the Radio Center for many years. The condition of the transmitters was far from ideal. Dampness and corrosion took their toll. Some of the support systems were destroyed. People didn’t give up. Despite everything, we went towards our goal. Simply because these transmitters are their life.
Details in Russian –
Video – 0:42
The video shows the operation of the RV-372 transmitter. You heard it during the daily test. The material was filmed today – 10/19/2023. The footage is, in a sense, unique.

Museum in the directorate of the RTRS branch “Kaliningrad ORTPC”.
Kaliningrad. 10/19/2023.

From Rus-DX items 22 October via WOR iog (2023-10-23)