Zbraslav 1062 kHz already no longer carries the Country Radio feed but a kind of “retune” loop, with full pieces of music between the announcements. It goes straight on output, without the shrill equalizing that was customary for Czech AM broadcasting during the last two decades but is also not applied again on 639 and 954 kHz, at least when I last checked.

Some insights herein, at the bottom of the page under 26.May.23 15:37
That TRAM 10 was 1233 kHz, reportedly removed immediately after the final transmission. What’s particularly interesting is the picture below: Looks like the 20 kW daytime operation of 1062 kHz used not a new TRAM rig but one of the old tube transmitters (ex 792 and 1233 kHz plus, I suspect, until 1988 jamming on 720 kHz).

No word when transmissions will finally cease, but Tuesday as end of month could be a good bet.

Kai Ludwig (2023-10-28)