United Kingdom

Radio Caroline looks to the future.

Always outside the mainstream, Radio Caroline, launched back in 1964 as the United Kingdom’s first offshore “pirate” radio station, continues to challenge perceived wisdom within the radio industry. While many other European broadcasters are gradually closing their AM outlets, Radio Caroline is successfully moving in the opposite direction.

Although also operating on DAB and online and recently adding terrestrial DTV coverage across England, the station’s main 648kHz AM site at Orfordness on the Suffolk Coast of the U.K. remains central to its operations. This facility, audible across southeast England and parts of France and the Benelux countries, saw a power increase just two years ago. The station is also investigating additional AM facilities and securing additional licenses, with a view to providing its online and DAB gold service “Caroline Flashback” to a wider audience.
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Mike Terry to WOR iog (2023-10-28)