Some more news about MW stations from North Italy, this time with at least one identification…

In the last months tests on 1449 kHz could be heard here at my location north of Milan, close to the swiss border. The station transmitted during daytime italian music, but in some days they sent the interval signal reported here: (it is an old RAI interval signal). Direction finding suggested that the station was located close to Biella/Ivrea area. The tests ceased for a while, but today they are back identifying as Radio Briscola. It is a known private station irregularly transmitting from Lenta, near Biella. It can be easily identified thanks to the chime they transmit on the hour/half hour, listen to the enclosed sound file. It was heard also on 1485 and 1602 kHz, some time ago.

Another station was observed testing during september/october on 1602 kHz, again during daylight time. I could get only an azimuth, suggesting that the station is located either towards Como/Varese or Vercelli/Novara. It was neither the transmitter of radio Briscola nor the station of Centrale Milano 1575 kHz, since both were heard at the very same time on their frequencies, and have different azimuths from my location.

1575 kHz Centrale Milano: DF reports show tha the station is located south-west of Milan, as shown in the map.

The mistery station I reported on 1359 kHz in April disappeared in the darkness just a few days after my report.

1350 kHz: today, instead of the usual Z100 radio, one could listen to the programs of Gold Radio from London (ex 1548 kHz). An azimuth check confirms that this signal is local to Milano area, definitely not from UK.

Best wishes Vittorio De Tomasi (2023-10-29)