Zbraslav 1062 kHz already no longer carries the Country Radio feed but a kind of “retune” loop, with full pieces of music between the announcements. It goes straight on output, without the shrill equalizing that was customary for Czech AM broadcasting during the last two decades but is also not applied again on 639 and 954 kHz, at least when I last checked.

Some insights herein, at the bottom of the page under 26.May.23 15:37
That TRAM 10 was 1233 kHz, reportedly removed immediately after the final transmission. What’s particularly interesting is the picture below: Looks like the 20 kW daytime operation of 1062 kHz used not a new TRAM rig but one of the old tube transmitters (ex 792 and 1233 kHz plus, I suspect, until 1988 jamming on 720 kHz).

No word when transmissions will finally cease, but Tuesday as end of month could be a good bet.

Kai Ludwig (2023-10-28)

United Kingdom

Radio Caroline looks to the future.

Always outside the mainstream, Radio Caroline, launched back in 1964 as the United Kingdom’s first offshore “pirate” radio station, continues to challenge perceived wisdom within the radio industry. While many other European broadcasters are gradually closing their AM outlets, Radio Caroline is successfully moving in the opposite direction.

Although also operating on DAB and online and recently adding terrestrial DTV coverage across England, the station’s main 648kHz AM site at Orfordness on the Suffolk Coast of the U.K. remains central to its operations. This facility, audible across southeast England and parts of France and the Benelux countries, saw a power increase just two years ago. The station is also investigating additional AM facilities and securing additional licenses, with a view to providing its online and DAB gold service “Caroline Flashback” to a wider audience.
Read the entire article – in Red Tech by Lawrie Hallett – here

Mike Terry to WOR iog (2023-10-28)


World Music Radio now back on 927 kHz with 250 Watts  from Hvidovre, Copenhagen, this afternoon. Was 50 Watts only since October 21st.

Stig Hartvig Nielsen (2023-10-27)


Rogers Sports & Media ceased the News/Talk format of “City News 1310/101.1CIWW Ottawa and CJET-FM Smiths Falls ON at 1:00pm today.

Rogers intends to turn in the license of 1310 CIWW, while 101.1 has flipped back to the “Country 101.1” CKBY-FM identity that it had until flipping to a simulcast of CIWW in December 2020. The Country format simultaneously moved to 92.3 Smith Falls that day and will now move back to the frequency that it was based at from 2004-20. Rogers states a new music-driven format will launch on the 92.3 frequency later this year.

A Rogers spokesperson told the Ottawa Chronicle-Journal that less than ten newsroom staffers at CIWW were let go with the format change. The company will retain a local digital news team for its web platform and two reporters on Parliament Hill. They said, “Today was an incredibly difficult day and we sincerely thank all the employees and contributors to 1310 AM for their commitment to delivering important journalism and talk programming in the nation’s capital to our listeners. They have all made a positive contribution to the community and should be proud of their work.”

Lance Venta, RadioInsight (2023-10-26)


Country Radio 1062 kHz.
A program runs at 1062 kHz that is not // at the other frequencies is. Between the country music there are announcements on how to switch to the 639 kHz.

Patrick Robic to A-DX iog (2023-10-26)


City News 1310 Ottawa No More.
From John Mielke and Blast The Radio
City News Ottawa is no more, people laid off, 1310 AM is going off the air permanently – Rogers will return the license to the CRTC.

The Country format formerly on 101.1 FM returns as of 1pm today.
Country is already being heard on the stream this afternoon.
Paul B. Walker Jr. to irca iog (2023-10-26)

Station running a thank you loop message.  Every 60 seconds or so.
Attached is the loop message as recorded from the VE3HOA SDR.

Gilles Michaud, Laval, Qc to irca iog (2023-10-27)