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Re. Manx Radio (https://mediumwave.info/2023/11/13/united-kingdom-362/)

I’d just thought I’d contribute my observations about Manx Radio currently closing down between 0015 and 0445 UTC.

To add to Mr Crankshaw’s comments, they indeed report at 0003 that Foxdale, mentioned by name, is closing down “shortly” and that they’d be back at 0445.  Tonight, this was after a two-minute news bulletin on the hour that was Scotland-centric for some reason and what turns out to be Arrane Ashoonagh Vannin, the Manx national anthem.

After the announcement, several more obscure chart songs from past and present were put on loop, but I also heard a trailer mentioning prizes to be won from the station over the weekend.  They clearly didn’t time the songs so that one would end at exactly 0015 and the transmitter would come off; about a minute into The Circle by Ocean Colour Scene, it was switched off. 

Reece Lloyd (2023-11-17)

The mentioning of prizes to be won over the weekend could relate to the Radio Caroline North programming on 18th and 19th of November, which is also transmitted via Manx Radio.

Ydun Ritz (2023-11-17)