963 R. Renascença channel 1 back on 963 after reactivating the tx at Seixal yesterday, 30/7; the reduced power of 1 kW remains the same as during the time when this and other MF fqs. were airing R. Sim.
Carlos Gonçalves (2020-07-31)

Unid QTH

Google-translated from German:
For a few days now Rock Revolution has been heard on MW 1494 kHz in the evening. Apart from jingles and music, there is no information. Antenna direction from Salzburg is Holland / UK / Ireland – so the guess is that it could be the station in Ireland that has already transmitted Coast FM Tenerife on the same frequency.
Christoph DXer in A-DX Fernempfang fb group (2020-07-30)


A rare guest in the medium-wave band is active again: “Radio Nove Thessaloniki” from Greece on 1.206 kHz can be heard around 20 UT.
Yes, Radio 9’s announcement is in Italian. The station was last heard December 2019; since Israel switched off its transmitter in Akko, the frequency has been relatively free.
Translated from German:
“Ein seltener Gast im Mittelwellenband ist wieder aktiv: “Radio Nove Thessaloniki” aus Griechenland auf 1.206 kHz ist gegen 20 Uhr UT zu hören. Ja, die Ansage von Radio 9 ist in Italienisch. Zuletzt gehört wurde die Station letzten Dezember, seit Israel seinen Sender in Akko abgeschaltet hat ist die Frequenz relativ frei.”
Christoph-DXer via Svenn Martinsen in DX_LISTENERS’ CLUB fb group (2020-06-22)


Our man on the spot in northern Israel confirms that the 10 kW transmitter on 1458 kHz at
She’ar Yashuv, which used to carry Reshet Alef or KAN TARBUT (Culture Network), has now been reactivated, but with a different channel, KAN MORESHET (Heritage Network). It is parallel with 100.7 (Haifa) and 90.8 (Kohav Hayarden). The primary target is the far northern town of Kiryat Shmona, as well as the settlements on the Golan Heights that the FM signals do not reach.
Ray Robinson, Voice of Hope World Radio Network, Americas/Africa/Middle East
www.voiceofhope.com to WOR groups.io (2020-07-05)


SEN Track Melbourne is now on air on 1593kHz (ex Niche Radio Network) Melbourne, some hours earlier than announced.
I believe Niche Radio Network in Melbourne is now being carried on DAB+ in Melbourne.
Ian to mwmasts groups.io (2020-07-03)

New Zealand

GOLD Radio NZ will be broadcast nationwide on both FM and AM networks – lock in your local frequency below ready for July 1.
On the FM you’ll hear GOLD playing All The Greatest Hits all the time.
Over on the AM, GOLD will bring you the best of Sport and Rural along with All The Greatest Hits in between.
Northland 729 kHz
Auckland 1332 kHz
Tauranga 1521 kHz
Waikato 792 kHz
Rotorua 1350 kHz
New Plymouth 774 kHz
Whanganui 1062 kHz
Hawke’s Bay 1125 kHz
Manawatu 1089 kHz
Wellington 1503 kHz
Nelson 549 kHz
Christchurch 1503 kHz
Ashburton 702 kHz
Timaru 1494 kHz
Dunedin 693 kHz
Southland 558 kHz
Plus, you can listen anywhere at any time on iHeartRadio. Looking forward to being on the airwaves with you all soon.
Svenn Martinsen in DX-LISTENERS’ CLUB fb group (2020-06-26)


The federal government in Islamabad has allocated a sum of Rs360.908 million for the Information and Broadcasting Division under the Public Sector Development Programme 2020-2021, including Rs50 million foreign aid.
For modernisation of camera and production equipment of state run TV, Rs100 million have been allocated, and for the establishment of 100KW Medium Wave Radio Station in Gwadar Rs40 million been earmarked.
According to the budgetary document released Friday, the government has allocated Rs300 million for the nine ongoing schemes and Rs60.908 million including Rs50 million foreign aid for one new scheme of Information and Broadcasting Division.
Moreover, Rs40 million each have been allocated for rehabilitation of Medium Wave services from Muzaffarabad (AJK) and replacement of Medium Wave Transmitter at Mirpur. Another Rs25.412 million have been earmarked for rebroadcast station, at Kharan (Balochistan).
For only new scheme of the division, a pilot project DTMB-A-Digitalisation of Terrestrial Network of state run TV (Chinese Grant in Aid) Rs60.918 million have been allocated, out of which Rs50 million is foreign aid and Rs10.908 million local component of it.
The News, Pakistan (2020-06-13)