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Former BET, PBS and NPR/Public Radio International host Tavis Smiley’s Smiley Audio Company will launch its new Black Talk format on 1580 KBLA Santa Monica/Los Angeles on Saturday, June 19.

The Juneteenth launch follows Smiley’s purchase of the station last fall from Multicultural Radio Broadcasting for $7.15 million.

Smiley has tapped Elston Howard Butler to serve as President and Chief Operating Officer of KBLA and parent Smiley Audio Company. Butler joins KBLA from Stevie Wonder’s Taxi Productions Adult R&B 102.3 KJLH Inglewood where he has served as Market Manager since January 2019. He has also served as VP/Sales for iHeartMedia Riverside CA, Local Sales Manager for 790 KABC Los Angeles, and held sales positions at CBS Radio, Evergreen Media, Cox Radio and KJLH in Los Angeles.

KJLH has also unveiled its daily on-air schedule which features a few other KJLH veterans.

Dominique DiPrima will move from the 430-6am slot on KJLH to anchor “First Things First With Dominique DiPrima” from 6-9am at KBLA. DiPrima, who had been with KJLH since 2005, previously hosted “Street Science with Dominique di Prima” at 92.3 and 100.3 KKBT where she also was a part of Steve Harvey’s morning show.

Smiley himself will host from 9am to 12pm. He will be followed by Danny Morrison from 12 to 2pm. Morrison will continue to host mornings at Cesar Chavez Foundation Rhythmic CHRs “Forge 95.3” KBHH Kernan/Fresno and “Forge 103.9” KBDS Taft/Bakersfield.

Reach Media’s syndicated DL Hughley Show will follow from 2-4pm. Comedian Alonzo Bodden will host afternoons from 4-7pm. Dr. Jeshana Johnson will host “Let’s Get Intimate with Dr. Jeshana Johnson” from 7 to 9pm. Another KJLH alum, Don Amiche will host “Don Amiche vs. Everybody + Crysta and Kiara” from 9pm to midnight. Amiche spent 11 years at KJLH from 2007 to 2018 and most recently was a producer for Westwood One’s Pat McAfee Show. He has also worked on-air at KJMZ Lawton, KQXC Wichita Falls, KZZA Dallas, KWIN Stockton, XHTZ San Diego, and served as Creative Services Director for KNX Los Angeles.
RadioInsight (2021-06-11)


Translated by Google from Spanish:
Radio Nicaragua incorporated a powerful amplitude modulated transmitter
Nicaraguan President Enrique Bolaños inaugurated in Managua the new transmitter of the state “Radio Nicaragua”, with the capacity to cover the entire national territory.
The Amplitude Modulated transmitter was acquired by “Radio Nicaragua” at a cost of $ 175,000, as a result of a loan granted by a local bank that will be repaid within two years with the government’s guarantee.
The modern equipment that began transmissions with a power of 30,000 watts replaced another that had been operating since 1974 from this state radio station founded in 1960.
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Original text:
Radio Nicaragua incorporó potente transmisor de amplitud modulada.
El presidente nicaragüense, Enrique Bolaños, inauguró en Managua el nuevo transmisor de la estatal “Radio Nicaragua”, con capacidad para cubrir todo el territorio nacional.
El transmisor de Amplitud Modulada fue adquirido por “Radio Nicaragua” a un coste de 175.000 dólares, producto de un préstamo concedido por un banco local que será pagado en un plazo de dos años con el aval del gobierno.
El moderno equipo que inició transmisiones con una potencia de 30.000 vatios repone a otro que funcionaba desde 1974 de esta radio emisora estatal fundada en 1960.
Grupo Radioeschucha Argentino (2021-06-06)


TeleRadio1 will be on air every Thursday from 9 pm to 10 pm on 1476 kHz, beginning with the 3rd of June.
They say the operate with a 1000 Watt transmitter in Bad Ischl (there is also MW broadcast on 1476, they use the exact same site as Museumsradio that started last year).
They are interested in reception reports: info@teleradio1.com
Marco (2021-05-29)


CFAJ CLASSIC 1220 St. Catharines.
Joe Gurney, the technician at Classic 1220, informed that the station is transmitting on 1220 kHz with 10.000 Watts. CFAJ is a resurrection of the former 1220 CHSC site which went dark a number of years ago and has sat dormant since then. It has been a tough task to rebuild the site and get it operational once again.
Ydun Ritz (2021-05-27)


CFAJ CLASSIC 1220 St. Catharines now streaming.
Word out of the St. Catharines area is a future website with an active streaming link for Oldies/Classic Hits CFAJ 1220 is now up and running. After a year of testing it appears that the official launch of “CLASSIC 1220” is just around the corner.
CLASSIC 1220 CFAJ website :https://www.classic1220.ca/
Canadian Radio News FB group (2021-05-26)


A new station on 1611 kHz noted this evening 21/5/2021 in Launceston, Tasmania. With programming called AFL nation.This is a SEN station.
I am not sure how long this station has been on air.
Martin Greer in Launceston, Tasmania to ICDX-AM@groups.io (2021-05-21)

I have also just noticed this station (I spend most of my time on the lower end of the band)
I would suspect it would have only been in the past few weeks, I first logged it on Wednesday this week.
Paul Blundell to ICDX-AM@groups.io (2021-05-21)

United States

Connecticut Gold 1220 WATX Debuts In New Haven.
Nearly two years after Quinnipiac University’s Full Service Standards 1220 WQUN Hamden/New Haven CT ceased operations at the end of May 2019, the station has relaunched.
Now owned by Clark Smidt’s Clark Media under WATX call letters, the station resumed programming last weekend as Oldies “Connecticut Gold“. Smidt acquired the license last October in exchange for up to $3000 in legal fees connected to the license transfer after the University sold the station’s transmitter site to Vertical Bridge.
RadioInsight (2021-05-13)


Here some informations about IRRS on LW 207 kHz.
The site is the same as 918 kHz.  It’s in Italy, in Villa Estense near Padova.
The broadcaster is AM-Italia (ex. Radio Challenger) http://www.am-italia.it/
So future plans on 207 kHz with 300 meters antenna and possibly 1 kW.
Actually IRRS is on 918 kHz from 1700 to 2100 UTC.
Christian Ghibaudo (2021-05-03)