According to website DW starts in Russian on 1386

Deutsche Welle Немецкая волна с 1 июля возобновила вещание на русском языке. Вещание ведется в 21.00-21.30 по московскому времени на СВ частоте 1386 кГц. В июле передаются программы “DW Новости” и “В самую точку”. Полное расписание смотрите в разделе “Расписания радиостанций
на русском языке” на нашем сайте.”

Marco (2022-07-02)

United States

790 “The Score” Sports Radio is Back.
It’s been nearly 15 years, but now “The Score” is coming back to 790 AM radio. 
In an announcement posted to YouTube, The Score touted its return with “round-the-clock sports programming,” sports betting, Jim Rome, Kevin McNamara, and Yankees, Celtics, and Browns sports coverage.
Now WPRV and owned by Cumulus, it has previously been WSKO for New England sports coverage starting in 1998.
For ten years, it featured such hosts as John “Coach” Colletto, Andy Gresh, Scott Cordischi, John Rooke, Steve Hyder, Jess Atkinson, Amy Lawrence, Scott Zolak, John Crowe, and Bryan Morry.
The sports format had been discontinued in 2008 — and now, it has returned.

Ydun Ritz (2022-06-18)


CFQR 600 Montreal launch.
As expected TTP Media launched News-Talk / Classic Hits CFQR 600 in Montreal this morning.
Steve Faguy has all the details as well as a couple of “first day” airchecks in his Fagstein Blog:

CFQR 600 website:
(thanks to Brett Tehowennathe Morris for supplying us with the links)

Canadian Radio News FB group (2022-06-14)


I am informed that the final commissioning of the new Palau medium wave installation is expected to occur shortly after the 17th June.

Ben Dawson (2022-06-03)


Updating last month’s reports of a new transmitter installation, Kennedy Tarriela from Jaggard Wireless Communications, LLC has responded to my enquiry about whether the station is on air.
“I am currently working on the 1584 AM Transmitter here in Koror Palau. I can confirm the new transmitter is not yet activated. We are still working on the main power connection, and there hasn’t been any test done. What you are receiving is probably from someone else. Hope this clears any confusion.”

Mike Smith via Bryan Clark to WOR iog (2022-05-24)


Starting next May 30, 2022, TWR will start a new daily broadcast from 17:30 – 18:30 UTC in Russian language for Ukraine and Western Russia through 621 Khz.
Possibly use Radio Odin Plus transmitter with 150 kW in Maiac Grigoriopol, Moldova?
(Google translated from Spanish / Ed)

Ruben Medina (2022-05-22)


Since this evening, Channel Chaine 3 from Algeria has been back on air with the usual field strength and good audio quality on 252 kHz after a long time.
As a result, interference with RTE radio from Ireland on the same frequency is more or less ubiquitous again.
(Above Google translated from German)

Steffen Mehnert, Germany (2022-05-11)