After several months off the air, today back the signal 1580 Khz from Bogotá, relaying 850 Khz “Candela 850” slogan: la del amor y el despecho.
Rafael Rodriguez to fb group (2021-01-21)


Translated from Google:
“A number of medium wave transmitters stop its broadcasts via medium wave. There are also a number of new stations started broadcasting via the ‘AM’.

As of January 1, Nostalgie AM from Siddeburen in Groningen will stop its broadcasts via the medium wave frequency 1395 kHz. The owner of the radio station says that after 1.5 years of broadcasts via medium wave, it is time for something else.

Radio Emmeloord has this afternoon, Wednesday December 30, stopped its broadcasts via medium wave on
1224 kHz. The radio station has also been broadcasting via DAB + in the Emmeloord region for a number of months and therefore, according to the radio station, it no longer makes sense to broadcast via medium wave. In addition, the radio station can be listened to worldwide via the Internet. Incidentally, it is not the first time that the radio station has discontinued its medium wave broadcasts.
It also looked gloomy for the broadcasts of Extra AM from Amsterdam on 1332 kHz. Due to the loss of a number of sponsors, it was not certain whether the broadcasts could continue after January 1.
A crowdfunding campaign has since raised enough money to allow the broadcasts to continue for the time being.

Not only are radio stations disappearing from the medium wave, but new radio stations are also being added. For example, Antenne Domstad and Radio Monique recently started broadcasting via medium wave. 30th December 2020
Tom Kamp to A-DX Fernempfang fb group (2021-01-01)


1620kHz Toowoomba, Qld
They’ve now received their C-QUAM stereo transmitter back from the factory & will
be trailing the new C-QUAM transmitter in Q1 2021.
Ian to mwmasts (2020-12-27)
And the plan to start in Q1 is still valid.
Mauno Ritola to mwmasts (2020-12-28)


Backyard AM from Zaandam has handed in the LPAM frequency 1485 kHz and
will return to 1395 kHz on Saturday.
It is listed with the location “Zaandijk” in the list with 50 Watt:
Their antenna can be seen here.

From their facebook page:
“Backyard AM is moving!
From Saturday we will move from 1485 kHz to 1395 kHz.
Our transmission power will also be increased in the near future from 1 to 50 Watt PEP.
A few things will have to be done to make the change of frequency technically possible,
so we may be in the air later on Saturday than usual.”
Marco (2020-12-18)


From today December 16th Radio Monique is back on mediumwave in IJmuiden area on AM 918 KHz and on the internet all over the world.

Seesender Radio Monique kehrt in den Äther zurück
Heute ist der ehemalige Seesender Radio Monique wieder auf Sendung zu hören. Der Radiosender feiert nach vielen Jahren ein legales Comeback.
Radio Monique war als Seesender in der zweiten Hälfte der 80er Jahre über Mittelwelle zu hören. Die Sendungen kamen dann von dem Schiff Ross Revenge, das auch von Radio Caroline genutzt wurde. Die Radiostation sendete mit einem 50-kW-Sender über 963 kHz und wurde in einem großen Teil der Niederlande gut empfangen. DJs wie Joost den Draayer und Tony Berk machten Programme für den Radiosender. 1987 kam das Ende von Radio Monique.
In den letzten Jahren arbeitete der Gründer von Radio Monique, Fred Bolland, zusammen mit einer großen Anzahl von ursprünglichen Mitarbeitern und Moderatoren, darunter Elly van Amstel, Bart Steenman, Jan Molenaar und Peter van Velsen, an der Rückkehr des Radiosenders.
Heute, am Mittwoch, den 16. Dezember, findet das Comeback von Radio Monique statt. Die Sendungen können in einem Teil des Randstad-Gebietes (Amsterdam, Rotterdam) über die Mittelwellenfrequenz 918 kHz gehört werden.
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Tom Kamp to A-DX Fernempfang fb group (2020-12-16)