1035 kHz: This is Radio Eli, an evangelical station in Estonia. It used to relay TWR programming, for this purpose its transmitter was upgraded to 200 kW. But in 2019 TWR discontinued this partnership, bringing Radio Eli to the brink of extinction. Discuss.

Kai Ludwig to WOR iog (2022-04-18)

TWR relays by Radio Eli have already resumed and are shown in their program schedule (look out for Трансмирового Радио).
It is also of note how they deemphasize radio now, calling themselves Media Eli.

Kai Ludwig (2022-04-18)

United Kingdom

This news just received from Dave Porter:
The BBC and Encompass Digital Media are running Simulcast DRM and AM test transmissions on 1584 kHz from the aerial mast that previously carried Radio Hereford and Worcester, at the Woofferton shortwave site on the Shropshire/Herefordshire border.

The BBC point of contact is Robert Webber who has provided some information to Dave Porter:
There is a mixture of SCS (Single Channel Simulcast – AM and DRM in the same 9 kHz channel) and plain old AM being transmitted at various times throughout the day.
Power is up to 1 kW, the antenna is the former 1584 kHz Radio Shrops and latterly H&W one. The test transmissions are being carried out under a Test and Development licence from Ofcom.
We are looking to start to operate 1584 kHz in simulcast from Tuesday 19th April.
Hours are 09:00 – 17:00 BST [0800-1600 UTC] as per the licence.
Reception reports are welcome and should be sent in the first instance to

Checking at 1440 UTC today on an SDR in Shropshire I can confirm that tests are already in progress on 1584 kHz, currently with music and frequent announcements in AM.

Dave Kenny to British DX Club FB group (2022-04-19)

United States

Audacy Sports “ESPN Upstate” 1330 WYRD/97.7 W249DL/WFBC-HD3 Greenville and 950 WORD/97.1 W246CV Spartanburg has dropped its affiliation with ESPN Radio and relaunched as “The Fan Upstate“.
The station will now air network programming from CBS Sports Radio and Audacy’s BetQL Network. “The DA Show” with Damon Amendolara will be heard in mornings from 6-9am. The local Rob Brown Show moves to 9am-12pm from its previous 12-3pm slot. Jim Rome will now be heard from 12-3pm. The local “Offsides with Marc Ryan” remains in its 3-7pm timeslot. BetQL’s “Bet MGM Tonight” will air in evenings. The Fan will also continue to carry Furman University football and basketball and Byrnes High School football.

Lance Venta, RadioInsight (2022-03-23)


Two AP journalists who escaped from Mariupol, reported the following:
“In the meantime, in Mariupol, we were inundated with people asking us for the latest news from the war. So many people came to me and said, please film me so my family outside the city will know I’m alive. By this time, no Ukrainian radio or TV signal was working in Mariupol. The only radio you could catch broadcast twisted Russian lies — that Ukrainians were holding Mariupol hostage, shooting at buildings, developing chemical weapons. The propaganda was so strong that some people we talked to believed it despite the evidence of their own eyes.”
The whole article here:

It seems that the countries who abandoned medium wave and shortwave broadcasts never thought about the possibility of an information blackout in times of war. And once you switch everything to digital and internet, people will throw away their analog radios. Reopening MW and SW broadcasts afterwards will be useless, because people won’t be able to listen.

Tudor Vedeanu to WOR iog (2022-03-21)


In today’s edition of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung – Friday, 11 March, No. 59, page 11 – there is an article entitled “Transmit our signal” an article by Elena Witzeck.
The article describes the work of Ukrainian radio and television stations under the conditions of the war.
This article ends with an appeal by Mykola Chernotyskyi of Ukrainian Radio, who said:
“I would be grateful if colleagues from other countries could broadcast our radio signal. I would be grateful if the stations could broadcast on AM frequencies, which have a very good distribution in Ukraine.“
(Klaus via A-DX Mailinglist)

Christoph Ratzer (2022-03-11)

Andorra / France

Fixed times for Radio Andorra Revival on February 5th 2022:
For North America: 1200-1400 UTC at 5850 kHz via WRMI Florida, USA, 315° with 100 kW
For Europe: 1630-1830 UTC on 6175 kHz via ORS Moosbrunn, Austria, 270° with 100 kW
For Europe: 1900-2100 UTC on 1467 kHz via RMC Roumoules, France, 325° with 1000 kW
For Africa/Asia, possibly South America: 2130-2330 UTC on 7400 kHz via CJSC Gavar, Armenia, 258° with 300 kW

Christian Milling via Christoph DXer to A-DX Fernempfang FB group (2022-01-19)