(CRTC) Power increase approved for CHHA 1610 Toronto.
The San Lorenzo Latin American Community Centre got the go ahead today to increase the power at CHHA 1610 in Toronto from 6,250 watts to 10,000 watts (fulltime). All other technical parameters would remain unchanged.
San Lorenzo stated that CHHA experiences signal deficiencies within its primary (15 mV/m) daytime contour that result in it regularly receiving reception complaints from listeners.
Canadian Radio News FB group (2021-01-15)

United States

WNJC 1360 AM DX Tests
Todays dx test has begun, now till 6am est (1100 utc Sunday).
Sorry I was a few minutes late making the switch to 5kw but we are officially at high power at our daytime pattern. Please enjoy!
Duke Hamann to WNJC 1360 AM DX Tests fb group (2021-01-16)

United States

KXYZ-1320-Houston, formerly with a multi-ethnic format, now carries the Black Information Network and is using a “Houston’s BIN 1320” slogan.
Mike Jeziorski to MWDX – The National Radio Club fb group (2021-01-15)


Recently I wrote to you that Radio-Gazeta Slovo (radio newspaper “Word”) 828 kHz stopped broadcasting at night. Today Alexander Beryozkin from Saint Petersburg DX Club corrected me: they only reduced broadcasting at night, not stopped. They broadcast 06:00-14:00 UTC and 18:00-22:00 UTC (09:00-17:00 and 21:00-01:00 MSK). 
Sergey Kolomiytsev (2021-01-14)


Former transmitter center USAGM SAWA DOUALYIA and TWR.
Although the USAGM (Voice of America and Sawa) installations have been dismantled, our friend George Vassiliu, former technician at the Radio-Monte-Carlo transmitting center in Cyprus tells us that the MC Doualyia installations are still present. .
So there is always an open door if TWR wishes to rent the facilities by contacting the Cypriot forest service. It would take a quick decision, because in the absence of a tenant, the destruction was to take place in the coming months.
Michel FREMY to WOR (2021-01-14)

United States

WMGG Has Turned on All-Digital AM.
Tampa-area station is the first since the FCC changed its rules.
A Florida AM radio station is now on the air full-time with all-digital transmission, committing its 1470 signal strictly to listeners who have digital receivers.
Neal Ardman told Radio World that WMGG switched on its new Nautel transmitter, purchased for this purpose, on Tuesday morning. The station has an FM translator that continues to serve analog listeners at 96.1. The station airs Spanish-language programming.
If all-digital HD Radio technology for AM takes off in the United States, WMGG’s move would be seen as an important milestone.
Full article here.
Paul McLane, Radio World (2021-01-12)

United Kingdom

“Analogue Community Radio […]
Licence extensions granted in this period.
A five year extension has been granted to the following: […]
Desi Radio [1602 kHz] -The Panjabi Centre Ltd -Southall – [now licenced until] 31/12/2025 […]
Dales Radio [936 kHz] – Dales Radio Limited – The Yorkshire Dales National Park, including Leyburn, Hawes, Kirkby Stephen, Sedbergh, Ingleton, Settle and Grassington […] 10/01/2026 […]”
Source: 12 January 2021
via Dr Hansjoerg Biener (2021-01-12)

Additional information about the stations
Desi Radio: Panjabi Nation Live on-air.
Broadcasting 24 Hours a day on 1602AM in West London, Sky Channel 0169 in U.K and Europe and around the world via the World Wide Web. Desi Radio a Panjabi radio station, is on-air 24/7. Live broadcast starts at 07:00 until 00:00 seven days per week. There is an automated service 24hours.“„We aim to present Panjabi ideas, feelings and ideals to our listeners through a variety of poetry, writings and music. We are also seeking to improve links with other communities within West London to reflect the cultural diversity of the area.” – Ms. Amarjit Khera, Chair of the Panjabi Centre. 
via Dr Hansjoerg Biener (2021-01-12)

Dales Radio is the Radio station for the Yorkshire Dales! Broadcasting on AM [936 kHz], FM [103, 104.9 MHz], online and on your mobile, the station reaches people of all walks of life who live and work in this beautiful part of Yorkshire. The station launched in January 2016, after years of work by a small but dedicated team of volunteers.
Dales Radio operates on a not for profit basis and is staffed by volunteers, producing entertaining and locally relevant programmes for the people of the Yorkshire Dales. The station is funded by grants, donations and some commercial revenue generated through advertising and sponsorship. […]
Dales Radio is unique in this county, apart from being the largest community radio station in the UK, it is also operated in a very different way. With no one studio base, the station receives contributions from presenters all over the Dales and has community correspondents in each town – all of whom act as a representative for the station, point of contact and contribute to programmes. […]
Dales Radio Limited is a company limited by guarantee. A not for profit organisation and all profits will be ploughed back into expanding and maintaining this valuable service across the Dales. […]“ 
via Dr Hansjoerg Biener (2021-01-12)


Radio Clarín will not close down.
It would have switched off its transmitter on 31 December 2020, abandoning 580 kHz on medium waves. But the station made famous by its music programming focusing on tango, folklore and typical Uruguayan music continues to transmit. The decision by the owners, who wanted to continue on the web, was overruled by Pablo da Silveira, Minister of Education and Culture, who announced that the government would intervene to temporarily run the station to allow negotiations to take place with potential buyers, who have already come forward. Clarín broadcasts daily about 100 songs by Carlos Gardel, one of the most important interpreters of River Plate and Latin American song. The repertoire is limited to 488 recordings of the highest technical quality so that the same song can be heard every five days.
Radio Reporter blog
Mauno Ritola to WRTH fb group (2021-01-12)