From Telspace:
The last two guided towers on the field of Wavre (used for RTBF AM 621Khz and short-waves)
have been put down on Feb. 10th.
The stand alone left if for FM, DVB-T and Dab+
No more AM will ever been heard from Belgium.
D. Gillet (2021-02-12)

United States

WFME 1560 goes away after tonight.
It’s a pest for most of us in the east, of course – but after tonight, the 50,000 watts of WFME 1560-are going away for a while, and maybe for good. Family Stations has sold the land under the station’s transmitter
site in Queens (for an insane $51 million) and it signs off at noon ET Friday.
There’s nothing filed yet for any sort of a move, and I expect 1560 to be silent for a while. The expectation seems to be that Family will use some of its windfall to buy another existing station in New York, and
may or may not put 1560 back on the air from a different site sometime in the next year.
I’ll be interested to hear what shows up on 1560 in the east now…
Scott Fybush to via Glenn Hauser, WOR (2021-02-12)


(CRTC) Reduction in local programming rejected for CKGM 690 Montreal.
Bell had applied for a condition of license amendment which would have allowed CKGM 690 in Montreal to reduce the amount of local programming broadcast from 96 hours to 63 hours per week. The CRTC is of the view that reducing CKGM’s local programming requirement is not appropriate for several reasons outlined in the decision.
Canadian Radio News fb group (2021-02-11)


To mark World Radio Day on Saturday 13 February 2021, the BBC World Service has some special content to be broadcast over the weekend.

BBC Minute on the BBC World Service is linking up with its partner radio stations in English and Spanish. DJs on English and Spanish-speaking stations around the world are going to be sharing their experiences and messages about their year of the pandemic. They will be brought together and shared across the day on Friday 12 and Saturday 13 February within BBC Minute’s news bulletins.

In addition, BBC World Service will air a one-hour documentary on Sunday 14 February, World Wide Waves: The Sounds of Community Radio. In this documentary for World Radio Day, we will visit community stations around the globe that educate, entertain and empower people to make change – including Radio Taboo in Cameroon, Kadal Osai (the sound of the ocean) in Tamil Nadu, and Radio Nacional de Huanuni in Bolivia. This documentary highlights the enduring power, possibilities and pleasures of the airwaves.

BBC News Arabic radio, one of the World Service’s oldest non-English radio stations, will also be delivering special content to mark the day. This will include asking listeners to record a one-minute clip explaining why radio still matters to them, with some selected for broadcast. The service will also be looking at women’s relationship with radio on daily programme Women Today and there will be an exploration of the role of audio in the digital age in the daily discussion programme, Hadeeth.

Mary Hockaday, Controller for BBC World Service English, says: “World Radio Day is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate and highlight the power of radio to reach and connect many nations and communities around the world. In the last year, perhaps more than ever in an age of social distancing, we have needed the uniting force of radio to provide us with vital news, to entertain us and provide escapism, and to be a daily companion when we’ve been isolated from friends and family. I am delighted that the BBC World Service will be marking the day with special bulletins from BBC Minute, a one-hour radio documentary on BBC World Service English, and content on BBC News Arabic Radio”.
Mike Terry to WOR (2021-02-11)

An list of BBC Global frequencies including the only MW frequency 1314 kHz in Oman
Ydun Ritz (2021-02-11)


BELL pulls the plug on TSN in Hamilton, Vancouver and Winnipeg.
In a totally unexpected move Bell has dumped the TSN Sports programming on CKOC 1150 Hamilton, CKST 1040 Vancouver, and CFRW 1290 Winnipeg.
Bloomberg Business News has appeared on 1150 in Hamilton, while 1040 Vancouver and 1290 Winnipeg are running non-stop Classic Hits with announcements saying that something new will be coming this Friday. Those “in the know” are speculating an All Comedy format for both stations (FUNNY 1040 & FUNNY 1290).
Canadian Radio News fb group (2021-02-09)


All India Radio expanded its information on digital medium wave at in February 2021. provides a list of 33 DRM locations. All have links to coverage maps that are dated September 2020 (size approx. 1-2 MB). Four links are not working: Chennai 783 kHz, Delhi 1368 kHz, Guwahati 1026 kHz, and Rajkot 1071 kHz.
Dr. Hansjörg Biener (2021-02-11)


Rundfunkmuseum Cham is a relatively young museum having taken over the assets of another one that was closed. Nonetheless it has been instrumental in getting the LPAM medium wave frequencies at Erlangen-Tennenlohe (1485 kHz) and Munich-Deutsches Museum (1500 kHz) on the air. Their own transmitter would broadcast on 801 kHz as needed. With the Corona lock down in Bavaria and Germany as a whole the museum cannot be visited right now.
Arctic Radio Club mv-eko items 8 Feb.
Dr Hansjoerg Biener to WOR (2021-02-08)

United Kingdom

It time for another Radio Caroline North broadcast over the weekend of 13th-14th February.
Sadly we are again land-based because of the current lockdown situation, but we do hope to be back on our radio ship Ross Revenge at some point this year.
Nevertheless you’ll still hear all the best music from the 60s – early 90s, plus the chance to win some yummy prizes courtesy of listener James Neale from Sprowston, Norwich.Listen in on 648 AM in the South and South-East, on 1368 AM in the North and North-West courtesy of our friends at Manx Radio, the Radio Caroline app and around the world online here (via the Manx AM Radio Player).
We’d love to hear from you during the broadcast via and remember, it’s the only email address that gets you straight through to our ‘North’ broadcasters.
Mike Terry to WOR (2021-02-08)