738 kHz, the frequency of the World Radio Network, is being tested in Moscow.
The broadcasting license was renewed on January 22, 2021. The abbreviated name of the licensee is “Freedom Technology Foundation”. The license included a new broadcasting facility – Noginsk radio center 9. The power of the transmitting equipment is 50 kW.
Technical tests started on April 20 at ~ 11:45 Moscow time and continue now.
We are waiting for the full resumption of the broadcasting of the radio station!
The next test is scheduled for Thursday, April 22, between 13:00 and 16:00 MSK. The WRN editors will be grateful if you can evaluate and compare the quality of the signal that you received today and that which will be during the new test.
Please distribute the broadcast test information to all channels you have. The WRN editors really need to know about the quality of the emitted signal.
Contact coordinates –
Email mail: feedback2 @
Answering machine: +7 495 95 06 738 (works around the clock, speak after a service message and a beep)
Skype: wrn-russia
Please note that the sent letters, audio files, sound messages left on the answering machine and in Skype can be used in our programs without prior notice. Answers to questions asked and comments on our programs can be heard on the air of the “Radioset” program or within the framework of the program to which they were addressed.
For cooperation, write: partner2 @
Konstantin Barssenkov, St. Petersburg, Russia / “deneb-radio-dx” to RUS-DX 25 April via WOR (2021-04-25)