Two AP journalists who escaped from Mariupol, reported the following:
“In the meantime, in Mariupol, we were inundated with people asking us for the latest news from the war. So many people came to me and said, please film me so my family outside the city will know I’m alive. By this time, no Ukrainian radio or TV signal was working in Mariupol. The only radio you could catch broadcast twisted Russian lies — that Ukrainians were holding Mariupol hostage, shooting at buildings, developing chemical weapons. The propaganda was so strong that some people we talked to believed it despite the evidence of their own eyes.”
The whole article here:

It seems that the countries who abandoned medium wave and shortwave broadcasts never thought about the possibility of an information blackout in times of war. And once you switch everything to digital and internet, people will throw away their analog radios. Reopening MW and SW broadcasts afterwards will be useless, because people won’t be able to listen.

Tudor Vedeanu to WOR iog (2022-03-21)