PRTC (Pridnestrovsky Radiotelecenter) under attack.
Now confirmed by public german broadcaster ARD:
“Authorities in the pro-Russian separatist-controlled Transnistria region of Moldova have reported explosions at a radio tower near the Ukrainian border. The Transnistrian Interior Ministry said two explosions could be heard in the village of Mayak in the Grigoriopolski district.”
“According to the Transnistrian authorities, no one was injured in the explosions. However, two antennas through which Russian radio broadcasts were broadcast are out of order.”
That would mean, the non-directional one (999) and the 4-mast ARRT aerial “kvadrat” type (1413+1548) should be off air!?

Official picture material by reliable source “Reuters press agency”

Robert (2022-04-26)