United Kingdom

I haven’t yet taken down the 305 degree beverage for the summer, so in view of the upcoming 1100 WCGA Woodbine GA DX Test I’ve switched the KiwiSDR to this antenna, and will revert back to the South American beverage around mid-day UTC tomorrow.
Whilst Georgia isn’t on the boresight of the antenna it should nevertheless pick up signals if conditions are favourable, especially since the station is located near the coast.  I walked the antenna yesterday, and it’s physically intact and operational.

Good luck!
Clashmore, Scotland – IO78HF.  Perseus SDR with Jaguar Pro, RPA-1 preamp, beverages: 420m at 46° (Asia), 460m at 236° (SAm), 920m at 305° (Mid-west), all terminated.

Martin Hall, GM8IEM to mwcircle iog (2022-04-30)