As the news of SER Spain ending the MW Services, here are some news of RNE on MW.
RNE 1 Spain reduces MW powers from 300 to 75 kW.
According to the union section of the UGT on RTVE, RNE has reduced the power of the following stations of Radio Nacional de España-Radio 1: 585 Madrid (Majadahonda) from 300kW to 150/100kW
621 Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Las Mesas) from 300kW to 100/75kW
639 A Coruña (Meson do Vento) from 300kW to 100/75kW
684 Seville (Los Palacios) from 300kW to 150 /100kW
738 Barcelona (Palau de Plegamáns) from 300kW to 150/100kW
855 Murcia (Torre Cotillas) from 300kW to 100/75kW
The current figures indicate the day/night power.

Adam Joy Birchenall to Medium Wave Circle FB group (2022-06-21)

United Kingdom

Radio Caroline North June.
Tune in for more musical nostalgia during our Caroline North broadcast over the weekend Saturday 25th – Sunday 26th June live from our legendary radio ship Ross Revenge.
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Nico uit Gouda (2022-06-20)


RNE 1 Spain reduces MW powers from 300 to 75 kW.

Según informa la sección sindical de UGT en RTVE, RNE ha dismunuido la potencia de las siguientes emisoras de Radio Nacional de España-Radio 1:

    585 Madrid (Majadahonda) de 300kW a 100/150kW
    621 Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Las Mesas) de 300kW a 75/100kW
    639 A Coruña (Meson do Vento) de 300kW a 75/100kW
    684 Sevilla (Los Palacios) de 300kW a 100/150kW
    738 Barcelona (Palau de Plegamáns) de 300kW a 100/150kW
    855 Murcia (Torre Cotillas) de 300kW a 75/100kW

Las cifras actuales indican la potencia nocturna/diurna del emisor.

Pedro Sedano, EA4-0003, AER El Dial June 16 via Glenn Hauser, WOR iog (2022-06-20)


Cadena SER have announced they are closing on medium wave across Spain.

Mike Terry to WRTH FB group (2022-06-19)

(Translated from Spanish) As they have said in some groups it’s not a closure as such, just that the technicians will stop repairing the transmitters that are going to malfunction with which the MW network of the SER Chain will slowly die… Sad ending.

Raul Calvo Pozuelo to WRTH FB group (2022-06-19)

United States

790 “The Score” Sports Radio is Back.
It’s been nearly 15 years, but now “The Score” is coming back to 790 AM radio. 
In an announcement posted to YouTube, The Score touted its return with “round-the-clock sports programming,” sports betting, Jim Rome, Kevin McNamara, and Yankees, Celtics, and Browns sports coverage.
Now WPRV and owned by Cumulus, it has previously been WSKO for New England sports coverage starting in 1998.
For ten years, it featured such hosts as John “Coach” Colletto, Andy Gresh, Scott Cordischi, John Rooke, Steve Hyder, Jess Atkinson, Amy Lawrence, Scott Zolak, John Crowe, and Bryan Morry.
The sports format had been discontinued in 2008 — and now, it has returned.

Ydun Ritz (2022-06-18)

United States

Booth-Cobb Media sells Christian Preaching/Conservative Talk “Freedom 1110WKQA Norfolk VA to Delmarva Educational Association for $10,000. An LMA took effect on May 27, while an STA filing notes that the station had been silent since March when Booth-Cobb dismantled WKQA’s four tower array as it prepares to redevelop the site. As part of the deal the station has filed an STA to operate with 100 watts daytime from a long-wire antenna at the site of 1010 WHKT. Delmarva Educational Association also owns “The Word In Praise” 89.1 WWIP Cheriton VA, while co-owned Chesapeake-Portsmouth Broadcasting owns Christian Preaching “The Lighthouse” 1010 WHKT Portsmouth and 1270 WPMH Newport News and Gospel “Praise 104.9” 1650 WTJZ Portsmouth in the Norfolk market.

Lance Venta, RadioInsight (2022-06-10)


Today, there are nine sunspot groups on the solar disk, the most in years. If only one explodes, Earth could experience a solar storm. The most likely would be sunspot AR3031, which has an unstable ‘beta-gamma’ magnetic field that harbors energy for M-class solar flares.

Ydun Ritz (2022-06-18)