Radio Calypso Internetradio/AM 675.
I used to be FM pirate in particular and I was caught 14 times by the telecom agency. For the past 13 years I have been heard on medium wave band and always under the name Radio Calypso. For 4 years I have taken it easy after I received a penalty on my living space. But the compulsion to send remained, so when I got the opportunity to apply for a permit in December 2018, I immediately did so.

And from May 2019 the permit will be extended by another 5 years! When I applied for the permit, it was not the intention to work in a team. But soon a team was born. Each DJ broadcasts from his own home, all this goes through a stream so that we can also be heard online at

The technique of the transmitter and antenna is done by Jan ”Calypso” Werkman. The audio technique and stream is maintained by Jacob ” radio Moonlight ” Werkman.  All the dj’s from radio Calypso used to be pirates that’s what bind us. At this moment there are 20 dj’s in our team, in the age of 20 till 70 years!

Information about the transmitter and antenna:
The transmitter is a 25 watt carrier 100 watt pep mosfet. The antenna is l shaped and 105 meters long. Because we live on the water, we benefit a lot from this!
That, in combination with the space to lay radials around the earth, means that we can transmit a good and stable signal. Listening to the calypso can be done in the following ways:
► In the province of Groningen via the ether AM 675 kHz
► Worldwide via the internet.
► Online via the website of Radio Calypso
► Online via the Pop-up player

Source: Radiorama (by Jan Werkman “Calypso”) via Kari Kallio to nordx iog (2022-07-09)