United Kingdom

The annual Four Day Fundraiser will run on Radio Caroline and Caroline Flashback until midnight, UK time, on Monday, August 15th, and on Radio Caroline North, live from MV Ross Revenge, until closedown on Sunday, August 14th.

“Our costs to run our 648 AM transmitter have increased substantially, due to the four-fold increase in its power output. However, we have plans to go green by funding a solar array to offset the cost of powering the transmitter. This could, in turn, offset the cost of a future power increase. But it requires a sizable upfront investment.
We also need to raise a substantial amount of money to get Ross Revenge into dry dock. Without extensive repairs, the future of the ship is uncertain. Through the charity, Ross Revenge Home of Radio Caroline, we aim to raise half a million pounds and then apply for grants and other funding.”

Full details here: https://www.radiocaroline.co.uk/home.html

Mike Terry via bdxc-news (2022-08-02)