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Radio Caroline is looking for £500,000 to refurbish the Ross Revenge “finally and thoroughly”. If that does not work within a reasonable period of time, the ex-pirate threatens to have to give up his historic radio ship.

August 14 remains a very special date in British radio history and Radio Caroline has been using this information for several years to organize a fundraising. This year’s annual four-day fundraiser will run on Radio Caroline and Caroline Flashback until midnight UK time, Monday, August 15, and on Radio Caroline North, live from MV Ross Revenge, until closing on Sunday, August 14.

Anyone who donates £30 or more or becomes a member of the Radio Caroline Support Group will receive a special limited edition retro t-shirt based on Radio Caroline’s famous 60’s car sticker. The income from this year’s fundraiser will be split between two major projects.

The first is to install solar panels at the Orfordness transmitter site to power the AM station on 648 kHz. Not only will Caroline be the first completely ‘green’ radio station in this way, it is also intended to better withstand the unpredictable price increases of electricity. The majority of the electricity supply on the Ross Revenge is now also realized via solar panels.

But the second project, also the biggest challenge in the coming years, will be raising funds to finally get the Ross Revenge into dry dock. “Without urgent, extensive repairs, the future of our historic radio ship is very uncertain,” said Caroline.

“Our volunteers have worked tirelessly to maintain the ship for many years, but the work required now is beyond our capabilities. The Ross needs to come out of the water and undergo a thorough overhaul.”

To realize this, the new charity ‘Ross Revenge Home Of Radio Caroline’ was created. The target is to raise £500,000 and then apply for a grant and other funding.

For Radio Caroline, the rescue of the ship is a matter of vital importance. “Without our ship, we also lose vital revenue from our incredibly popular tours and live offshore broadcasts.”

Nico from Gouda HOL (2022-08-13)