United Kingdom

RADIO MI AMIGO [via CWR] 1476khz AM.
Listened today 1150 – 1210UTC tuned to 1476kHz on the car radio in the Nottingham area.
1150 – 1200 Keith Skues interviewing YL (Mary?), talking about the “Knees” club…
1200 Carillon news and ID
1203 – 1210 Keith Skues on board LV 18 from Harwich with music (Procol Harum, Whiter shade of Pale, Duane Eddy.”
Usual good local signal from 1476kHz TX.

Nick Button Nottingham/UK IO92jv AR7030, Airspy HF+ Discovery, 15m end-fed, ALA1530 via mwcircle iog (2022-08-13)