Radio208 on low power.
As of today Radio208 kHz is now broadcasting on 1440 kHz  with 75 Watts only using a spare transmitter. The old 1 kW CCA transmitter from 1974 needs new driver tubes.

Stig Hartvig NIelsen (2022-08-11)

United Kingdom

(Live from the radio ship LV18)
PRESS RELEASE 10 August 2022

DJ’s line up for a celebration of offshore broadcasting.
Radio Mi Amigo is set to return to the airwaves on 13th and 14th August in conjunction with Carillon Wellbeing Radio.
Further to their previous successful radio broadcasts, this year’s 2-day Pirate Radio event on Harwich Quay has attracted a host of DJ’s who are coming from near and far to transmit from the restored Lightvessel LV18 as a tribute to the 60’s offshore radio stations. This year’s on-air team, headed by the Programme Director and Trustee Garry Lee, will bring back the popular sound of the Offshore Pirate stations that broadcast from just off our coast and were served from the Ha’penny Pier, Harwich, which is the permanent berth of LV18. Joining the crew will be two DJs from America and music connoisseurs, ex Pirate radio and Radio 1 DJ, Keith Skues, ex BBC Suffolk presenter and current Radio Caroline DJ, Stephen ‘Foz’ Foster.
The broadcast will run 24 hours a day, from 12 o’clock, midnight on the Saturday morning till 12 o’clock midnight on the Sunday night. The broadcast will be available on the Carillon radio website at and may also be heard from their transmitter in the NW Leicestershire on 1476AM / medium wave.
This tribute to the Offshore Pirate Radio Stations will celebrate the likes of Radio Caroline, Radio London and several others that appeared off the coast of Harwich in the 1960’s bringing about a revolution in radio broadcasting. Following the previous Pirate Radio broadcasts from LV18, which attracted thousands of visitors to the area, Radio Mi Amigo will celebrate the watery wireless days from the studio, located on the bridge of the Lightvessel. Further to previous year’s events, LV18 will broadcast from her permanent berth by the Ha’penny Pier, Harwich, enabling members of the public to not only visit the classic vessel on the Sunday, but to meet the DJ’s.
Broadcasting from the classic heritage vessel LV18, which featured in the film ‘The Boat that Rocked’, Radio Mi Amigo will bring back the sounds of the 60’s and 70’s, the golden era of the Pirate Stations. Visitors will be able to visit the ship on Sunday 15th and view the new ‘Pirate Radio Exhibition’, which has been financed by Harwich Haven Authority via the Essex Community Foundation. The exhibition features new interactive Audio/Visual systems throughout the vessel and new interpretation signage.

In the summer of 1964, the boring world of British broadcasting was rocked to its foundations by the launch of offshore radio stations Radio Atlanta, Radio Caroline, Radio City and Radio London.
On the weekend of 13th and 14th of August, a unique 2-day event will be taking place in Harwich and the Tendring sunshine coast in Essex, UK. The restored heritage Lightvessel LV18 will be hosting a radio broadcast and exhibition celebrating the Offshore Pirate radio broadcasts from the ‘pop ships’ which were anchored just off the coast of Harwich. Tendring was very much the centre of these activities at this time with thousands of tourists sitting on the beaches of Clacton, Walton, Frinton, Harwich and Brightlingsea, listening to their favourite DJ’s on transistor radios. On August 14th this year it will be 54 years since the government closed down most of the Pirate Radio stations with the Marine Offences Act, as depicted in the film ‘The Boat that Rocked’ of 2009, which featured LV18 as part of the filming in Portland, Dorset.
The Pharos Trust has hosted many very successful ‘Pirate’ Radio events on LV18 and, along with Pirate BBC Essex over the last 20 years, have attracted thousands of visitors to the town. These previous broadcasts have featured Johnnie Walker, Emperor Rosko, Dave Cash, Keith Skues, Tony Blackburn and many other ‘pirate radio’ celebrities. This year a host of DJ’s from near and far are joining the team, hosted by Programme Director and Trustee Garry Lee, including 2 DJ’s from America and music connoisseurs, ex Pirate radio and Radio 1 DJ, Keith Skues and ex BBC Suffolk and current Radio Caroline presenter, Stephen ‘Foz’ Foster.

The Pharos Trust, Registered UK charity No.:1090325
Tony O’Neil, Trustee and Station Manager, August 2021
Tel: 07446 171 320
Tune in at:

Steve Whitt to mwcircle iog (2022-08-11)


On Friday 5 August at 17.00 UTC, “Radio Pravda” started broadcasting on AM 1557 from Sitkunai in Lithuania. The station, also known as “Nasha Lenta” (Our Band), provides independent information in Russian to Russia and Belarus and is fully funded by private donors.

Its programmes are under the supervision of the Dutch Media Commission. Radio Pravda received permission from the Commissariat and its programmes are compiled in the Netherlands before being transmitted to Lithuania for rebroadcasting on AM 1557 kHz. The Lithuanian authorities in turn issued a ‘retransmission licence’.

There are no political motives and no involvement of any government, not even financial. “The only thing that matters is the free flow of uncensored, verified information to Russia and Belarus.”

The transmitter used in Lithuania is the Nautel RX50 which was previously used by Big L on AM 1395 kHz from Trintelhaven in the Netherlands, in an attempt to reach a daytime audience in England. Later this transmitter was used on 1008 kHz to broadcast the religious station Groot Nieuws Radio. Since the 1008 kHz was closed down, the transmitter was stored in the Netherlands.

The past few weeks a lot of work was done to get the full 50 kilowatts on the air on AM 1557. This also required a new antenna design.

The results are phenomenal. The signal on AM 1557 can be received well at night throughout Europe. There is a strong night signal in cities like Saint-Petersburg, Moscow and Minsk and it also covers the whole territory of the Ukraine.

Even on Russia’s border with Norway in the Arctic, the signal is still quite good, as well as in Novosibirsk, which is some 1,500 kilometres from the transmitter site.

Hans Knot (2022-08-10)


1160 kHz HJOC, Su Presencia Radio; ex-1520 kHz, leases the frequency that belongs to the Radipolis Group of William Vinasco. Until the end of July the Uniminuto Radio signal was broadcast on this frequency in // with 1,580 kHz.

The 1520 kHz HJLI frequency is currently inactive.

Rafael Rodríguez R., Bogotá D.C.- Colombia to MWlist iog (2022-08-10)


“963 кГц .Особое внимание заслуживает Польша. На частоте работает более мощный вещатель и закрывает польскую маломощную станцую. Но минувшей ночью удалось зафиксировать несколько минут удовлетворительного приёма”

963 kHz .Poland deserves special attention. A more powerful broadcaster operates on the frequency and closes the Polish low-power station. But last night we managed to record a few minutes of satisfactory reception”

Can anybody confirm that or knows more?

Marco (2022-08-10)

Well, I suppose “the more powerful” broadcaster could be Tunisia, Iran etc?

Mauno Ritola, MWlist iog (2022-08-10)


1557 KHz 2RE Taree close down.
I suspect there was no loop tape; 1557 kHz and 88.9 MHz have been running in parallel for quite some time, so it’s possible they felt a loop unnecessary and just simply pulled the pin without any pomp and ceremony. 
1557 Kix Country is an overachiever for its power, dominant over 2RE when it was on. 

William Renton to ICDX-AM iog (2022-08-09)