840 two Cubans shoot-out.
Dobleve (CMHW) versus Revolucion (CMKP) shoot-out at 0400 UTC; audio attached.

Dobleve playing of anthem starts at beginning of audio clip.
Revolucion playing starts 10 seconds later.
Dobleve ID at 57 sec. in.
Revolucion ID 1 minute 20 sec. in.
Quite a cacophony when the two anthems were overlapping. Must sound nutty in some parts of Cuba. 
Fringe listeners of Haiti can’t be happy with this high-powered ruckus not so far away.
There was a bit of talk by a woman way underneath. Maybe WHAS? Typically, as you can hear in this clip, Louisville’s slugger has a rough go of it here on Cape Cod.

Mark Connelly, WA1ION
South Yarmouth, Cape Cod, MA, USA
(GC = 41.6931 N / 70.1912 W) ( = 41° 41.59′ N / 70° 11.47′ W) (grid FN41vq)
Receiver: Airspy HF+ Discovery
Antenna: Cardioid pattern SuperLoop (base fed Flag): 9m vertical by 20m horizontal (peak 75°, null 255°)

Mark Connelly to irca iog (2022-09-09)