United States

WTNI 1640 kHz (actually always slightly offset +13 Hz at 1640.013 kHz), Biloxi, Mississippi, USA is back on the air with a steady, constantly ON signal. They seemed to finally fixed the on/off cycling of their signal which had grown progressively worse over the course of months as noted by DXers such as Lou. 
However, this week, when they came back on the air, the modulation or audio is somewhat wobbly when music is playing. Oddly audio seems clear when there are just voice announcements. The main AM carrier is steady, so the problem seems to be the modulation or audio feed.
The WTNI online feed has also been fixed this week after being offline for months. It is at…
The audio on the online stream is clean but in mono.
On air branding is always “Bob 106.3”. “106.3” refers to the FM frequency of translator W292CD associated with simulcasted sister station WANG 1490 KHz.

Harry S., Atlanta, GA USA to WOR iog (2022-09-09)