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FCC Counts Fewer Commercial FMs And AMs At End Of Third Quarter
More than a dozen AMs have vanished from radio dials during the past two years, while FMs are also not
immune from the economic pressures facing broadcasters today. Between June and September, the total
number of FM licenses fell by a dozen. The figures may be small considering they are spread out across
America, but the latest quarterly census provided by the Federal Communications Commission also
demonstrates the trend of fewer commercial radio stations that began during the pandemic has not yet
The FCC reports there were 6,677 licensed commercial FMs as of September 30. That is 12 fewer than at the end of second quarter. The shrinkage is more pronounced on the AM dial where the FCC also says there were 4,490 licensed AM stations. That is down eight from the end of June and down 29 from September 2021.
(Insideradio 7.10.2022)
Via ARC mv-eko 17 Oct to WOR iog (2022-10-18)