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WGY [810 kHz] in Schenectady, N.Y., celebrated its centennial birthday this year, one of several dozen pioneer broadcasting stations that crossed the 100-year finish line in 2022.

Though all these stations are notable for their endurance and importance to the industry, WGY stands tall for contributing to the science of broadcasting, particularly in its first decade of its operation. For that reason Radio World is ending the year with this special photo essay about the station.

WGY began life as the flagship station of the General Electric Company, operating from G.E.’s massive campus in Schenectady. At that time, G.E. was a veritable cradle of radio technology, and WGY was nursed by some of the world’s most capable engineers and scientists, among them Dr. E.F.W. Alexanderson, Dr. Charles Steinmetz, Irving Langmuir and A.D. Ring. 

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By John Schneider, Radio World (2022-12-21)