Winter solstice bandscan 2022.
Last night’s weather was snowy and blowy. Rather than risk the radio, I decided to crawl into bed and look for some comfort under the comforter.

Tonight’s weather was calm with broken clouds. I went outside ca. 2115Z with the Panasonic radio. The LW band was pretty normal except for Allouis being noisy enough to make the crossmodulation inaudible, and Gufuskálar (189 kHz) actually being inaudible.

The MW band… it was weak. I had to turn up the volume on even the British senders. I think I heard a faint peep from Smooth Radio on 1161 kHz. I only made one round across the band due to lack of hot chocolate indoors.

Reynir Heidberg Stefansson (2022-12-22)