The eastern Iceland 207 kHz longwave facility was one of the very last (if not actually the last) new from scratch longwave stations built.

The antenna originally was designed to be taller but the Iceland aviation authority revised its original approval, and so the eventual mast was actually shorter than ideal, but was provided with an optimized network to achieve good bandwidth. The facility was designed by a team of Harris Corporation engineers and employed a longwave DX series transmitter.

(I specified the antenna and was part of the design team as our firm has been a consultant to Harris and its successors for antenna and allocation matters for many years. I never thought I’d get to work on a longwave broadcast antenna since of course we don’t have them in ITU Region II. The same team designed the conversion to longwave broadcast of the Loran antenna at Gufuskalar in western Iceland.)

Ben Dawson, Hatfield-Dawson to WOR iog (2023-03-02)