On Thursday 02.03.2023 during the morning news (on Český rozhlas Plus) they mentioned that České radiokomunikace no longer plans to take down the iconic transmitter Liblice B near Český Brod. Instead, there are active plans to return it to its original function – radio transmission. However, they are currently unable to provide any closer details. Transmitter Liblice B, the tallest structure in Czech republic (355m) was used to broadcast Český rozhlas 2 until 31.12.2021 using 2 750kW Tesla transmitters (last few years only 1 of them was used at a time) on 639 kHz. You can listen to the segment on this link (in czech language, from 5m30s):

It is important to note, that the Tesla transmitters were allegedly scrapped almost immediately after the shutdown, so they will have to use something else.

There is also an old documentary about the transmitter on youtube:

Jakub Fabo (2023-03-04)