RADIO GIRONA has ceased to use 1008 kHz on MW on 31st March 2023.
Ràdio Girona SER 1008 kHz has stopped broadcasting on the Medium Wawe frequency of 1008 kHz. Despite Its power of 6 Kw, the Nautel XR6 transmitter located in Sarrià de Dalt, was used at low power before being switched off.
This transmitter centre has always had poor performance: the tower is only 40 meters high and around has an iron net as fence. Grounding was also not too good. But that was not all: at a distance of only 10 metres there are a church and cemetery.
(Source: Jordi Brunet, Catalunya, SPAIN)

DX Fanzine May via WOR iog (2023-05-01)