Turks and Caicos

Radio Vision Cristiana in the process of rebuilding the site in the T&C and should be on the air before the end of 2022. It will be diplexed on a tower near the west end of Providenciales. 530 will be 100 kw and 1570 50 kw, diplexed of the same tower.
(Jerry Kiefer et al, “I take Pictures of transmitter sites” Facebook group 28 March, via Jon Pearkins)

IRCA DX Monitor items, April 9 via WOR iog (2022-04-05)

Saudi Arabia

Yesterday 1/4/2022 around 20:00 UTC I noticed that Radio Riyadh got back again on 1521 with a program about Ramadan ( the fasting month for muslims).
BTW the month of Ramadan started today 2/4/2022 so maybe some stations will extend their transmissions.

Tarek Zeidan (2022-04-02)


RMC test on 216 kHz:
The test was heard in Almere, The Netherlands from  1835 to 1855 UTC with French IDs as “R-M-C”. There were several transmitter trips and there was also the  LUX-effect audible like on 162 kHz! Signalstrength  at 1845 UTC S9+3dB.

Ehard Goddijn, Almere, The Netherlands (2022-03-23)


216 kHz:
I have also received the 3 tests with interuptions en different power around 19u55 local time on my FTdx101mp.
Max was S7 on inverted L  (ant tuner was not adjusted).

Wim, on4cfo hamradio, QTH Grimbergen Belgium JO20EW (2022-03-23)


Some news from Monaco. Yesterday evening it was announced that the Prince’s Government (of Monaco) has received the request to reactivate the LW 216 kHz transmitter, for (evening) broadcasts in Russian and
But the organization has not been named.
More news ASAP.

Christian Ghibaudo (2022-03-23)


World Music Radio is back on 927 kHz (150W) from Monday March 21st, broadcasting 24/7 – after a long absence since January 29th  when strong winds damaged the aerial.  Meanwhile 5930 (200W) and 25800 kHz (60W) have been running continuously and still do.

Radio208 on 1440 kHz was also forces off the air due to the strong winds late January. It is hoped that Radio208 will be returning to 1440 kHz sometime next week. The SW outlet of Radio208 on 5970 kHz (100W) didn’t suffer any damage and is still on the air.

Stig Hartvig Nielsen (2022-03-23)