United States

WTZA AM 1010 kHz Atlanta, GA USA on at high power at night.
Recently WTZA AM 1010 kHz in Atlanta, Georgia USA signed on simulcasting the Radio Punjab network. It is normally a 50 kW AM station during the day. However, the station is failing to drop down to its 78 watts at night. It is staying at its 50 kW daytime power (or maybe the critical hours power of 45 kW) throughout the night.
The station should be easy to receive at least in the southeast U.S. I was able to verify this on KiwiSDRs located in NC and Key West, FL.
Confusingly, the station broadcasts a station ID at the top of the hour as KTXV AM 890 in Dallas, TX. The ID is in English. Apparently, relaying an online feed from this Rado Punjab affiliate. No local station ID has been heard since it signed on with this format in late May. Radio Punjab broadcasts in the Punjabi and other south Asian languages with some commercials in English.
Harry S. Atlanta, Georgia USA in WOR Groups.io (2020-06-15)