I confirm the channel of the R.Renascença group called “Rádio Sim” is theoretically over. The VHF-FM txs and the MF txs airing R. Sim were switched to air R. Renascença channel 1 instead, with the Seixal tx awaiting reactivation.
The active MF fqs. will be 891 Vilamoura, 963 Seixal (greater Lisbon), 981 Geria (Coimbra) and 1251 kHz Castelo Branco. R. Sim is not dead yet though as the Serra da Arrábida tx on 102.2 MHz is still airing that particular channel while awaiting the switch to RR ch. 1.
There are no plans to reactivate the remaining MF txs, let alone that of the Muge site which houses 2×10 kW MF txs, 1×100 kW MF tx plus 1×100 kW HF tx. Replacement of the existing MF txs by new ones is not in the RR group either, just like what happens with RTP.
Carlos Gonçalves (2020-07-28)