Stig Hartvig Nielsen, operator of World Music Radio [5840, 15805 kHz] and Radio 208 [1440, 5805 kHz], will not verify reception reports via webSDRs. In a recent e-mail he explains his policy, which was shared by for example BCE Luxembourg: “In my opinion it makes no sense to send reception reports using remote SDR receivers. I can check how the reception is in Twente easily myself. And I do rather often. So why tell me something I already know. [certainly a valid point, HjB] Knowing how you received WMR in Nürnberg on your own Grundig Satellit 3400 with its telescopic antenna (if you still have this) would however be interesting for me. [This reference to reports of the 90s shows that SHN does indeed keep a record of reception reports. HjB] DXing and QSLing is, as far as I see it, about making an achievement, catching distant radio stations on your own equipment (the radio you decided for and the aerial you erected) – not using someone’s else’s equipment in another country.”
There is quite a variety of approaches to QSLs, even automating them like World’s Last Chance [9330 kHz] does. So this policy is to be respected, and maybe hopeful listener will provide a photo of their equipment used.
Dr Hansjoerg Biener 2(2020-07-29)