Guyana refuses US’ request to facilitate radio broadcasts to Venezuela.
Guyana’s President David Granger late Friday said his administration rejected a request by the United States (US) to use the medium wave radio frequencies of this South American nation to broadcast Voice of America programmes to Venezuela:
(WRTH 2020 shows the only MW frequency for Guyana to be 560 kHz 10 kW Georgetown. Ed)
Demerara Waves (2020-07-17)

The World

The National Association of Broadcasters is counting down the 100 days to the centennial anniversary of the first commercial radio broadcast, which took place on November 2, 1920. As part of the online and on-air #Radio100 campaign, NAB released today the #Radio100 toolkit to help stations celebrate this incredible milestone.

Mike Terry in WRTH fb group (2020-07-17)


Townsville (Brandon), Qld – ABC Nth Qld Mast Replacement 630kHz.
Reading the below it seams that a standby low power mast might be in use throughout the period of main mast replacement on 630kHz with the addition of the 3 temporary FM transmission sites/frequencies.
Ian (AUS) in mwmasts (2020-07-17)

United Kingdom

Absolute Radio [1215 kHz] from Brookmans Park appears to be currently off the air. No carrier noted in London at 1042 UTC. Seemingly no information regarding planned maintenance, and BBC Radio 5 Live on 909 kHz from the same site remains on the air.
BDXC – British DX Club fb group (2020-07-15)

United Kingdom

Radio Caroline North July – the return to the Ross.
“At last we are back on board our radio-ship Ross Revenge for the first time since March for the next Radio Caroline North broadcast over the weekend 18th-19th July.
You’ll hear all the best music from the 60s – early 90s throughout this two day broadcast. Our sponsor this time is Feature Story News, and you’ll have the chance to win some Web Shop goodies, kindly sponsored by Grace Devine from Skerries, Co Dublin.
Listen in on 648 AM in the South and South-East, on 1368 AM in the North and North-West courtesy of our friends at Manx Radio and around the world online here, with the Radio Caroline app or on smart speakers.
We’d love to hear from during the broadcast via and remember, it’s the only email address that gets you straight through to Ross Revenge directly.”
Mike Terry to WOR (2020-07-13)

United States

iHeartMedia San Diego said it has completed the acquisition of KFMB(AM) from Local Media San Diego; and as of today the station, heard on 760 kHz, has changed its call letters to KGB(AM).
“As part of terms of sale, TEGNA Inc. retained ownership of the KFMB(AM) call letters, which required iHeartMedia to make the change,” iHeart stated in an announcement.
“The Federal Communications Commission has approved the use of new call letters KGB for AM 760.”
[Related: “San Diego Stations Hit by Wave of Firings and Potential Job Cuts,” Jan. 2020]
It quoted Market President Melissa Forrest noting that the KGB call letters are legendary in San Diego. The company already uses them on an FM signal in the market. The AM format is talk; iHeartMedia began operating KFMB under a local marketing agreement in March.
iHeartMedia San Diego’s holdings now are KGB(AM), KGB(FM), KHTS(FM), KIOZ(FM), KLSD(AM), KMYI(FM), KOGO(AM) and KSSX(FM).
By Paul McLane, published July 4, 2020.
RW NewsBytes newsletter (2020-07-13)

United Kingdom

Two articles from The Guardian telling the sad story about the fast decline of MW radio stations in the UK.
June 10th: Life under lockdown has reminded us of the value of local radio. But stations are being killed off to save money. Share_AndroidApp_Bufferesquandfbclid=IwAR21E3jKtRb67Gg-_SUNAHSOYh-yeeyT25842nKSLADX9SabdS82vnsUt5k
May 27th: Dozens of local radio stations to vanish across England
Ydun Ritz

United States

WTZA AM 1010 kHz Atlanta, GA USA on at high power at night.
Recently WTZA AM 1010 kHz in Atlanta, Georgia USA signed on simulcasting the Radio Punjab network. It is normally a 50 kW AM station during the day. However, the station is failing to drop down to its 78 watts at night. It is staying at its 50 kW daytime power (or maybe the critical hours power of 45 kW) throughout the night.
The station should be easy to receive at least in the southeast U.S. I was able to verify this on KiwiSDRs located in NC and Key West, FL.
Confusingly, the station broadcasts a station ID at the top of the hour as KTXV AM 890 in Dallas, TX. The ID is in English. Apparently, relaying an online feed from this Rado Punjab affiliate. No local station ID has been heard since it signed on with this format in late May. Radio Punjab broadcasts in the Punjabi and other south Asian languages with some commercials in English.
Harry S. Atlanta, Georgia USA in WOR (2020-06-15)


A rare guest in the medium-wave band is active again: “Radio Nove Thessaloniki” from Greece on 1.206 kHz can be heard around 20 UT.
Yes, Radio 9’s announcement is in Italian. The station was last heard December 2019; since Israel switched off its transmitter in Akko, the frequency has been relatively free.
Translated from German:
“Ein seltener Gast im Mittelwellenband ist wieder aktiv: “Radio Nove Thessaloniki” aus Griechenland auf 1.206 kHz ist gegen 20 Uhr UT zu hören. Ja, die Ansage von Radio 9 ist in Italienisch. Zuletzt gehört wurde die Station letzten Dezember, seit Israel seinen Sender in Akko abgeschaltet hat ist die Frequenz relativ frei.”
Christoph-DXer via Svenn Martinsen in DX_LISTENERS’ CLUB fb group (2020-06-22)