The CEO and owner of EAJ29 Radio Inter, Madrid, 918 kHz, and conductor of the morning magazine of this station, Carlos Peñaloza, said some days ago on air that they would install a 100 kW transmitter to replace the old, german tube 20 kW transmitter (I guess Telefunken) which has been on air in a precarious state from long time ago, with years of damaged performance, with loud heterodyne noise, beating hiss and unstable carrier. 
In the last decade, the company entered in a decadence and the facilities, neglected, had a historic of outages of the signal, up to more than a week off air, and the site had been even vandalized some years ago with the cooper being looted and other damages. 
I must note that the license the owners have for EAJ29 on 918 kHz is for a power up to 50 kW, and no more, as do EAJ2, EAJ7, EAK1 in Madrid, EAJ1, EAJ15 and EAJ39 in Barcelona, EAJ3 and EAK5 in Valencia, etcetera. None private station on medium wave in Spain is or has been, allowed to use more than such power. 
For the moment the station is off the air, only available on tiny FM frequency and streaming. Mr. Peñaloza also informed the audience about the good speed of the restoration works of the facilities.
Guillermo Sáez, Valencia (2020-09-11)