Tad Cook, K7RA, Seattle, reports: Geomagnetic activity quieted down over the October 1 – 7 reporting week. Compared to the previous 7 days, average daily mid-latitude A index declined from 15.6 to 6, and average planetary A index slipped from 22 to 7.1.

There were no sunspots this week and only one in the previous 7. Average daily solar flux went from 73.4 to 71.8.

On late Thursday, October 8, however, two new Solar Cycle 25 sunspots appeared! They are both in the southern hemisphere, and, as of this writing, had not been assigned numbers.

Check later to see the official sunspot numbers. You can check here Friday night to see the daily sunspot numbers and daily total sunspot area over the last month. I just hope this activity isn’t like recent spots, which made only brief, faint appearances.

Predicted solar flux over the next 45 days is 72 on October 9 – 14; 70 on October 15 – 18; 72 on October 19 – 31; 70 on November 1 – 14, and 72 on November 15 – 22.
Mike Terry via WOR (2020-10-09)