United States

Cumulus Media has turned in the licenses for a pair of AMs in Savannah GA.
Sports “900 The TicketWJLG notified the FCC on July 31 that its transmitter was damaged due to a lightning strike and was operating at 200 watts day as opposed to its licensed 4.35kW.
Co-located Conservative Talk 630 WBMQ went silent at the same time due to the damage to its transmitter. The company at the time told the FCC it was consulting with its engineers to determine if the transmitter can be repaired or if it needed to be replaced.
Rather than make the repairs the company has turned in the licenses for both stations back to the FCC. Both stations also had Construction Permits for unbuilt translators: 96.9 W245DD for WBMQ and 105.7 W289CL for WJLG. Cumulus continues to own four FMs in Savannah.
Artie Bigley in WOR groups.io (2020-10-14)