I’m located on the remote islands of Haida Gwaii off of the north-west coast of British Columbia, Canada.  Last night, I heard a presumed Europirate on 1655 kHz signing off just after 02:00 UTC.
Although tuning in at just before 02:00, I did have 4 minutes at 01:28 as well. 
Here’s what was heard:  Went back to the Perseus WAV files.  01:30:  House of the Rising Sun (The Animals)  01:58:  One of These Days (Pink Floyd). Celeste (Remix By Sash) (Leo Rojas) at 02:00.  Carrier cut at 02:00:23.
An Unid for me, but I’m suspecting a Europirate!     
73,  Walt Salmaniw (2020-10-18)