On United Nations Day, October 24th, 2020, the SAQ transmitter in Grimeton will again send out a message to the whole world on 17.2 kHz CW.
On air & YouTube Live Stream
16:30 (14:30 UTC): Startup and tuning of the Alexanderson Alternator SAQ.
17:00 (15:00 UTC): Transmission of a message from SAQ. We are proud to announce that this year’s message has been composed by Anders Tegnell – Chief Epidemiologist Public Health Agency of Sweden.

Only on YouTube Live Stream
17:20 (15:20 UTC): Live music concert from the transmitter hall.
Anna Louise Ekman www.annalouiseekman.se will perform Swedish and Italian songs, accompanied by a pianist.The entire transmission event and the following concert can be seen live at our YouTube Channel starting at 16:30 (15:30 UTC).
Mike Terry to WOR groups.io (2020-10-23)