Translated from German.:
t now appears to be official.
Radio Milano 1602” has been off the air on medium wave 1602 kHz for several weeks. Since this week it is no longer available on the Internet.
Likewise, the station “Radio Milano International“, which at most occasionally could be received via the former station “I AM-Radio” on the 1350 kHz and otherwise only heard on the Internet, can no longer be heard either. “Radio Milano International” had been active since the 1980s and enjoyed great popularity.
In return, a non-stop music program is still sporadically broadcast on the 927 kHz and only now and then announced in English that it is a test program. This station also broadcasts from Italy, more precisely from Milano in Milan. Which program will be broadcast about it is currently unknown. Its transmission power should be 1 KW, similar to “Radio Milano 1602”.
Steffen Mehnert, Germany (2020-11-09)

Radio Milano has recently been heard testing on 927 kHz, so maybe it has just moved to this frequency?
Ydun Ritz (2020-11-10)