AM DXing the Finnish Way.
I’ll let you in on a secret: The secret of hearing AM radio stations from reeeally far away.
A couple of weeks ago I returned from here, a remote cabin deep in the Arctic wilderness, 400 km north of the Arctic Circle, up in the northernmost tip of Finland. This may not look like a paradise, but for me, with a passion for picking up distant signals on the AM band, this is a dream come true. Here we have a total 14 very long wire antennas, each about 3,000 feet (1 km!) in length, and pointing to all directions. This is where I was able to hear hundreds of rare and small local stations from all around the globe, with Jim, a fellow radioaficionado.
I’ve just compiled a report of the “AIH124 DXpedition” (the 124th radio listening expedition to Aihkiniemi) explaining it all, with photos of the stunning beauty of early winter in Lapland:
Check out this video on YouTube, where I’ll give you a guided tour of the Aihkiniemi DXing base.
Mika DX Mäkeläinen in facebook (2020-12-01)