Transnistria / Armenia / Kyrgyzstan

Trans World Radio (TWR) has planned a frequency of 999 kHz (a 500 kW transmitter in Transnistria) for broadcasting religious programs in the winter season in Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian languages from 18.30 to 20.00. Broadcast times may be adjusted during the season.
The same radio station will broadcast programs in Russian for the countries of Central Asia and the Caucasus at a medium-wave frequency of 864 kHz (transmitter in Armenia with a capacity of 1000 kW) from Monday to Friday from 16.25 to 17.55. TWR also broadcasts on this frequency in Uzbek, Turkmen, Kazakh, Karakalpak and the languages of the peoples of Dagestan – Lezgi, Kumyk and some others. At a medium-wave frequency of 612 kHz (transmitter in Kyrgyzstan), Trans World Radio programs in Russian will be broadcasted in the direction of the Central Asian states: from Monday to Saturday – from 15.45 to 16.30, on Sundays – from 15.45 to 16.00 (information from the radio station)
RUS-DX 6 December via WOR (2020-12-08)